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Over the weekend, Diego Rodriguez, campaign consultant to Ammon Bundy and founder of Freedom Man PAC, threatened the Meridian Chief of Police, the Ada County Sheriff, and two Ada County Commissioners at the so-called P.A.C.T. rally.  

In his address to a mostly-armed crowd of a couple hundred people, Rodriguez said these members of our law enforcement community and elected officials should be “removed and eliminated” for their role in following the law related to child endangerment in Idaho.

Emmett Mayor

Emmett Mayor Gordon Petrie is a former magistrate and district judge.

Ammon Bundy was arrested in early March with Rodriguez’s 10-month-old grand baby, who has been at the center of a child welfare case that led Bundy’s anti-government group to organize a violent protest that forced a lockdown St. Luke’s Hospital in Boise two weeks ago. 

With no evidence, Rodriguez accused Meridian police of groping and molesting his daughters (similar to accusations he’s posted online), including the mother of Baby Cyrus. He discussed what he sees as the tyranny of the police, called law enforcement “a joke”, and indicated that the idea that they risk their lives for the public is inaccurate.  

During his speech, Rodriguez again revealed the personal, private contact information of health care providers, a judge, and CPS workers involved in the case. Bundy’s group uses the public disclosure of personal information to intimidate public officials.

This press event was the warm up to the P.A.C.T. rally with Bundy’s People’s Rights group in Emmett, where speeches kicked off at 4 p.m.

People watch speakers at the P.A.C.T rally in Emmett

A special correspondent from the Idaho Bulletin was in attendance, and noted that the Emmett Mayor gave a speech. Mayor Gordon Petrie is a former magistrate judge, and was seen milling about with armed, anti-government extremist followers of Bundy. Far-right gubernatorial candidate Janice McGeachin’s campaign had a presence at the rally handing out materials. McGeachin actively promoted the violent protests at St. Luke’s Hospital that led to ambulances having to divert emergency care elsewhere. 

The rally tried to reset Bundy’s political fortunes. Multiple news reports say campaign reports indicate he diverted more than $13,000 in campaign funds to his personal business, potentially in violation of a state law that disallows personal financial benefit from candidate campaign PACs.