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It’s no secret that former President Trump remains popular in Idaho Republican politics, though recently, national political reports show some of the candidates endorsed by Trump are struggling in their primaries.

Trump has yet to endorse in the race for Idaho Attorney General, a showdown between current AG Lawrence Wasden and former Congressman Raul Labrador, but there’s speculation that Labrador is likely to be his choice. The former president may not be as interested in endorsing Labrador if he does his homework, however. 

In a YouTube video, Labrador calls the former President a “whiner,” saying he’s “not that smart” and that his attempts to sue Mexico for not cooperating with the building of the wall on the southern border “ridiculous”. 

Labrador goes on to say about Trump: “Not once has he been a gracious loser.” Time will tell if these words come back to haunt Labrador as the May 17 primary approaches.