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Idaho gubernatorial candidate Janice McGeachin and Secretary of State candidate Dorothy Moon shared the stage with Stew Peters, a white nationalist talk show host, at a Meridian event on Wednesday night. 

Peters invited onto the stage with him Baby Cyrus, who has been returned to his parents since being taken into state custody on the advice of his pediatrician for severe malnourishment. The parents have raised more than $100,000 over the case through a GoFundMe campaign; it’s not clear how those funds have been used.

The parents, and the baby’s grandfather, Diego Rodriguez, are on the payroll of Ammon Bundy’s campaign, but many of the family members present at the rally were now wearing McGeachin garb.

Bundy campaign reportMcGeachin, who has embraced white nationalists and militia leaders during her campaign, elevated the calls from Bundy to protest at St. Luke’s hospital in mid-March. When at least two protestors breached the hospital’s lobby, it went into lockdown, diverting ambulances, jamming 911 lines, and preventing kids and cancer patients from receiving health care. 

The alliance between former Bundy supporters and McGeachin continues to grow, just as the rhetoric from those firmly in her camp accelerates. Peters, who worked as a bounty hunter in Minnesota and has been arrested for imitating law enforcement, repeatedly called incumbent Gov. Brad Little a “cuck” Wednesday night. In his speech, he referred to public school teachers as predators who he’d like to see “scream” a lot more in the coming months for their “torture and abuse and grooming” of students. 

The Rally the Vote event featured other extreme-right candidates ranging from attorney general to school board to legislature. Armed security provided by Idaho Liberty Dogs, and the Proud Boys were also on hand.

Stew Peters embraces support

Stew Peters took photos with supporters in front of McGeachin’s booth at the Rally the Vote event before his speech.

Secretary of State candidate Moon glowingly introduced Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers, who drew censure from her legislative colleagues for her pro-Putin, antisemitic words and tweets before and since the AFPAC conference Feb. 25. Moon said the two women are “cut from the same cloth” and like sisters and best friends. 

At its peak, about 500 people were in attendance, but the crowd was less than half that by the time Peters took the stage after 8 p.m. As people filed out after his speech ended and emcee Kevin Miller bid everyone goodnight, McGeachin came on stage with Todd Engel to recreate the infamous hand sign photo she took with him while he and Bundy Sniper Eric Parker were in orange jumpsuits. Engel was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his role in a 2014 standoff near the Nevada ranch of anti-government extremist Cliven Bundy, the father of independent candidate for governor Ammon Bundy.