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The Idaho Statesman published an op-ed today from a disgruntled Janice McGeachin surrogate who serves on the lieutenant governor’s controversial indoctrination task force. The group includes an employee of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and was formed to uncover evidence of indoctrination of the state’s school children.

Gary Raney

Former Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney

McGeachin supporter James Wilson authored his op-ed in response to the March 19 op-ed by former Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney, a man with 40 years of experience in law enforcement. Raney condemned McGeachin’s video, which has since been removed from her Facebook page, that elevated the St. Luke’s protests. The protests turned dangerous when the hospital’s lobby was breached, causing a lockdown that diverted ambulances and disrupted patient care for kids and those receiving cancer treatment, among others. 

McGeachin also championed the Bundy followers who disrupted hospital activities on the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s podcast, which the day before had the Bundy campaign consultant, Diego Rodriguez, on the program. Rodriguez has called for the elimination of the Meridian Chief of Police and two of the three Ada County Commissioners, including Republican Rod Beck and Democrat Kendra Kenyon.