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Though gubernatorial candidate Janice McGeachin seems to capture all the press attention, when it comes to extremism in Idaho’s Republican primary, Dorothy Moon – who is slated to speak at Janice McGeachin’s “Rally the Vote” event tonight alongside Holocaust deniers and white supremacists like Vincent James and Stew Peters – is as fringe as they come.

Moon was among the Idaho lawmakers who stood in solidarity with a convicted rapist and disgraced former legislator Aaron Von Ehlinger.

Von Ehlinger, 40, is currently in prison awaiting sentencing for raping a 19-year-old statehouse intern. He’s had multiple sexual encounters with much-younger subordinates while serving as a state legislator, but that didn’t stop Moon (and fellow representatives Priscilla Giddings and Judy Boyle) from testifying to his character. Despite Von Ehlinger’s clear abuse of power and predatory behavior towards the teenage intern, Moon still called von Ehlinger a “gentleman” during her testimony in his House Ethics Committee hearing last April.

You can watch Moon’s recorded testimony in support of Von Ehlinger here (click download audio/video). At 4:27, she demeans Jane Doe as flirting with her now-convicted rapist (“I’m a woman, I know what it looks like to flirt.”) and at 4:37, she states “He’s always been very polite, always been a real gentleman.”

Over the years, Moon has also been a vocal admirer and supporter of anti-government militia groups and leaders. Moon has deep ties with Ammon Bundy, who has been arrested numerous times for his lawlessness and vigilantism and has lauded him as inspiring. You can see her embracing Bundy tearfully in celebration of his release from a Nevada prison here

She also has a long history with Bundy Ranch Sniper Eric Parker, who pointed an assault rifle at law enforcement officers. Parker, founder of the Real 3%ers of Idaho made waves when he publicly endorsed McGeachin for governor over his associate, Bundy, claiming that McGeachin had told him, “If I get in, you’re going to have a friend in the governor’s office.” If Moon becomes Secretary of State, this militia leader will surely have a friend in the office that oversees elections as well; in 2018, Moon rose from the House Floor and asked her colleagues to acknowledge and applaud Parker for his actions against law enforcement at the Bundy Ranch.

Campaign finance records with the Idaho Secretary of State show that Moon’s husband, Darr Moon, even donated $750 to Parker’s latest Senate campaign.

Darr Moon is a national John Birch Society leader, a national radical-right group that has pushed to advance their agenda for nearly six decades. Widely regarded as too fringe by figures like President Ronald Reagan and most of the GOP, the J.B.S (or “Birchers”) have struggled to find relevance in years past, but are finding success in states like Idaho where many of the top-of-ticket candidates and state legislators, including Moon, Rep. Tammy Nichols, Rep. Heather Scott, and Rep. Chad Christensen, openly affiliate with the organization. 

Today, Moon will share the stage at McGeachin’s Kleiner Park event with Stew Peters, Michelle Malkin, and most likely Vincent James (who bragged about attending on Telegram earlier this week). 

Stew Peters has an arrest record for falsely impersonating an officer, unlawful use of blue light, and robbery of less than $300 while using a weapon. Peters is known for wearing a police-like uniform, which inspired a change to Minnesota law in 2015. 

Michelle Malkin has a long history of white nationalist ties and spoke last year at the white nationalist American Renaissance conference, which is run by Jared Taylor, one of the most influential white nationalists of the past quarter-century. Malkin has become increasingly anti-law enforcement in recent years. Responding to a tweet that said “retweet if you Back the Blue” she said: “In principle, yes, but NOT when Blue won’t back the people. NO TO BACK THE BLUE when cops arrest parents protesting peacefully at school boards. NO TO BACK THE BLUE when cops enforce mask/vax mandates. NO TO BACK THE BLUE when police chiefs bend to the knee to Antifa & BLM.” 

It’s hard to know if Idaho Republican voters will pay attention to the other extremists beyond McGeachin at the top of the ticket, but it’s clear there is a slate of candidates eager to do the bidding of fringe extremists and white nationalists.